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Can Face Rollers Benefit Your Skin?

You probably have seen face rollers on media feed or friend’s house and wondered how this little gadget can add so much elegance and beauty to your skin.  These face rollers are either jade or quartz rollers and promise to deliver exceptional results. They come in various sizes and shapes and are easily available in traditional or online stores. Well, do these rollers work magically? And will this beauty trend last? Let us check out the top benefits of facial rollers and why it shall  remain   the top choice. Improves Blood Circulation: There is no denying that  massage   improves blood circulation and with rollers, the skin becomes firmer and looks brighter as it stimulates blood flow. Additionally, with increased...

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Our Promise for beautiful, vibrant, and amazing skin

Ever felt these common skin problems: Dull skin Dry skin Inflamed skin with acne Aged skin Worry no more!!!! Presenting Chic Radiance, our comprehensive 3-in-1 solution for all types of skin. The results are proven to help you achieve a glowing and nourished skin tone. Chic Radiance offers an all-inclusive  3-in-1 Beauty Essentials kit for total skin rejuvenation – Jade Roller – Detoxifies dull skin to give an instant glow, provides contouring, and lifts skin for a fine everlasting radiance. Rose Quartz Roller – Soothes, calms and relaxes inflamed skin, works great on sensitive or reactive skin. Gua Sha Jade Massage Scrapper – Releases discomfort from the skin, promotes skin tightening, and activates the skin pressure points to enhance inner...

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Skin Rejuvenation for Dull and Tired Skin

Do you believe that increasing pollution and stress are causing harm to your skin? Stress, the pressure of work though being an internal phenomenon can easily reflect its results on your face, making it appear dull and tiring. If you are interested in uplifting the overall condition of your skin, here is the best help. Chic Radiance presents 3-in-1 Jade and Rose Quartz Roller beauty kit. It is a complete beauty set containing: Rose Quartz Roller - Aids cooling of inflammation on sensitive or reactive skin. Jade Roller -  Promotes detoxification while contouring and lifting your skin.  Gua Sha Jade Massage Scraper - Reduces discomfort, boosts pressure, points, and tightens skin. Improve your appearance and overall health of your skin with...

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