Skin Rejuvenation for Dull and Tired Skin

Do you believe that increasing pollution and stress are causing harm to your skin? Stress, the pressure of work though being an internal phenomenon can easily reflect its results on your face, making it appear dull and tiring. If you are interested in uplifting the overall condition of your skin, here is the best help.

Chic Radiance presents 3-in-1 Jade and Rose Quartz Roller beauty kit. It is a complete beauty set containing:

Rose Quartz Roller - Aids cooling of inflammation on sensitive or reactive skin.

Jade Roller -  Promotes detoxification while contouring and lifting your skin. 

Gua Sha Jade Massage Scraper - Reduces discomfort, boosts pressure, points, and tightens skin.

Improve your appearance and overall health of your skin with this wonderful facial essential kit. This all-inclusive kit is perfect for any skin regimen.

Advantages of using this Essential Facial Kit

Cleanses the skin

Your skin contains more dirt than you may know. Jade rollers help to exfoliate your skin, remove toxins from your skin, and bring out your hidden glow.

Enhances the look of the skin

These facial rollers circulate blood flow and will help you achieve radiant skin. They are excellent for dry and sun worn facial skin.

Removes the acne scars

The most important and demanding benefit is they work well on reducing acne marks. Increasing blood circulation and aiding in exfoliation will reduce the acne scars and over time help them disappear.


No one likes to go out with dull skin. Give yourself a boost of confidence by trying out Chic Radiance Beauty Essentials kit.