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   Hello Gorgeous! My name is Crystal. I created the 3-in-1 Beauty Essentials Kit after researching all of the wonderful benefits jade and rose quartz rollers have to offer. I have sensitive skin, so it's not easy finding products that improve my skin without irritation.

   At Chic Radiance, we believe while makeup can help boost your attractiveness, working on having beautiful skin should come first. And that’s exactly what we help you achieve with our wide range of beauty products.

   Our Co-founder Bre is a licensed cosmetologist, and is passionate about formulating products for healthy and radiant skin! We strive to provide you with products that help you feel and look your best!

   All things are possible with Radiant Skin and Lashes! Thank you for allowing Chic Radiance to be part of your journey! 💜

Bre & Crystal

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